The //Good// News.

Piper and Benson BW

The past 3 years of our lives have been absolutely INSANE. Partly because life is just insane, and partly because we’re idiots and don’t really know how to think through long-term decisions before we make them. (Gosh – bad intro to exciting news).

For example: buying 3 P.O.S. cars off craigslist in a 6 month period, thinking “MAYBE, JUST MAYBE one will actually be a reliable car.” nope. not a thing.

Over the years, We have gotten some things right.

For example: A year ago we adopted a cat, Benson (yes, we adopted him strictly because of his name). The first week of his life we were on vacation and we thought, “he’s a cat, he can take care of himself” so we left him solo at home. Turns out, he had NO problem making himself RIGHT at home. Sh*t all over the floor, our couches, and anything horizontal OR vertical he could spray his poop on. After we ditched the sofas (at Salvation Army… probably categorize that one under the “bad decision” column) he turned out to be not-so-bad. Guess he just didn’t like the sofas. Now he brings us dead carcasses of his daily catches, lets Piper pick him up by his whiskers, and limits his attention begging time to approximately 4-6 minutes every day. It’s wonderful.

Another good decision we made was to reproduce. We have a wonderful daughter Piper (or “Pippa” as Zack calls her) who literally will brighten anyone’s day. Other than following Jesus, this has been the best decision of our lives.

With Piper turning 2 next April, Zack finishing PT school and taking his boards April 27th, and so many other things in our life feeling “normal” or semi-under control, we really felt like it was time for another HOLY EFF OUR LIFE IS INSANE moment. That’s why we decided to add “have baby #2 in April 2016” to the list as well. Yup. That’s happening people. Like real deal, baby already has fingernails kind of thing.

Its so awesome and nuts and amazing all at the same time! If you have any other ideas of “life changing events the Hammers can add to April 2016” please let us know below. We will be sure to cover them in our free time!

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