Daddy Diaries: The Verge of a Breakdown, from the other side

My wife is amazing. She is crafty, smart, fun and turns out a decent writer. This post is a response to her post last week Mommy Diaries: Verge of a Breakdown.

Here’s what a day in Dadville looks like, let’s use yesterday’s itinerary for example:

12:20 AM: Go to sleep after polishing up presentation for today.

5:30 AM: Wake up like a ninja to not awaken Ashli or Piper. Eat, Dress, Pack for day.

6:20 AM: Out of the house, all are still sleeping. Massive dad success.

7:00 AM: Get to clinic, treat patient’s

9;15 AM: Go to local high school, give previously mentioned presentation to health care class.

10:30 AM: Back at clinic, treat patients

12:00 PM: Back to high school, give presentation to another class of high school kids.

1:15 PM: Patients, squats, lunges, laughs- my work is great.

2:27 PM: Get this text. Now I know I need to hustle. The status of the home front is in question. Mom is sick, Piper has an ear infection, Ellie (the dog) won’t clean up after herself and Benson (the cat) is napping in a bush.


4:00 PM: Get a gap in patient care, go ham on some notes, finish 12 of them.

4:45 PM: Because I went ham on notes, I leave as early as possible

5:30 PM: Get home. Traffic was the worst. Piper is crying. Ashli looks like this


5:45 PM: Despite 10 hour day, dad to the rescue. Piper and I leave to go get food and play to let mom rest.

6:45 PM: Piper is still crying, dad may be crying a little at this point. Mom is upset that baby is upset, abandon ship, return home.

7:00 PM: Piper stops crying, plays

7:30 PM: Piper is done, I lay her down.

As Dads we know that in some ways and at some times we have to be the rock and stable one in the house. Today was one of those days. But the weird thing, and the great thing is that in those moments of, I think I’m going to just curl into a ball and sleep/die for an hour, something happens. For me, I feel the warmth of a truth deep in my heart that says “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes…To the thirsty I will give from the spring of water of life”, basically the promise that HE is with me in my day, and that one day it will be made right.

Those moments for dads happen every week, were we are maxed out then called upon to be more than we are able. If all we do is pour out and never get filled up by something, or someone, then we will just live in that “curl up in a ball and sleep/die” mode.

10:00 PM: Recharge the battery.

Dad’s can have breakdowns too. They just look different.



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