DIY Kids Desk//Under $10

DIY Kids Desk

Every year Zack and I have decided to hand-make Piper something ON.A.TIGHT.BUDGET. for her Christmas gift (last year was a wooden toy box and this year I really wanted to do a simple wood desk). We keep it simple and inexpensive since Zack’s in school and I pretend to play sugar momma (but I don’t really work that much).

So as I was brainstorming ideas for this Christmas, I came across so many complicated desks for kiddos. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. So I decided to brave the scrap wood pile in the garage, found an old piece of MDF and a 2×4 then went to work on this cute little desk for Pipes. I also decided to build the desk after Pipes fell out of our dining chair backwards this week and took a trip to the ER. Our life is SO.EASY.

ANYWAYS… Here’s what you need:

  1. ONE hour of time
  2. 1 – 2×4 (whatever length you want the desk)
  3. 1 – Narrow piece of plywood, MDF, or whatever work surface material you can get your hands on (ours is about 12″ deep x 36″ long)
  4. Screws + Drill (duh)
  5. Twine, rope, or some kind of sturdy string
  6. 2 – Hooks (or you can substitute screws)

IMG_2647 IMG_2648 IMG_2649 IMG_2651 IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2654 IMG_2655 IMG_2656

Feel free to comment below or hit us up on the “contact us” tab if you have any questions!


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