Why Moms Rule

I think the term “working mother” is an interesting one. I’m currently enjoying my last Christmas break I will ever have, which has given me lots of time to think, and also lots of time to hang out with this little one.


All this time with Piper and thinking has given me new clarity on something that I feel our society still isn’t getting. There is no such thing as a non-working mother. Now I get that there’s a difference between the work inside and outside the home. This is not a thesis on what is best or right or whatever. What this is, though, is a written high five to all the moms out there.

For the last week I have been the stay-at-home mom. I have watched Piper, cleaned the house, made dinner. And it’s so damn hard… For the previous 30 weeks I have worked 40+ hours treating patients with complex medical problems, teaching people how to walk again and differentiating between lumbar disc pain and sacroiliac pain…but being a mom is way harder. 

It may be my inadequacy in a multitude of necessary “mom” skills like food provision for a toddler, motivation of toddler to eat provided food, arts and crafts time and general cleanliness BUT I think it is also that I’m just not used to working this hard.

Moms are awesome. They have an innate ability to put all other humans around them before themselves. They take care of so many things that “go under the radar.” They clean up so much shit, literally and figurative. They work 110% capacity all day, every day (and sometimes with nothing to show–from my experience this week), with no down time.

All I’m saying is that Moms rule and I think we should all take a moment, maybe after reading this and let your mom or wife know how much you appreciate all the stuff they do for you and everyone around them.

To all you “working-moms” out there, ones inside the home, outside the home and the insane ones like my wife who have some hybrid version of both…God bless you and Thank you.



Husbands, Sons, Fathers.


One Reply to “Why Moms Rule”

  1. Having been a stay at home mom, I want to say thank you for your tribute. What a privilege it was to be able to be at home with my girls and watch each stage of their lives. Enjoy your little ones even when they reach their teenage years! You must be a great dad!


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