The Sweaty Dad Theory

One of the pastors at Redeemer Fellowship once said something along the lines of, “there are not good pastors, just sweaty pastors.” This quote has resonated with me ever since I heard it, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because of my natural ability to sweat profusely for seemly no reason. Maybe it is that it is so strange sounding. Maybe it is that the quote says so much about what greatness is in so few words. Maybe.

While I have pondered the truth of those words in regards to our pastors, I think it can be generalized to much more. This is were the birth of my newest theory began.

Sweaty Dad Theory

The Sweaty Dad Theory

“There are no good dads, just sweaty dads.” The theory is this: while some men may be more naturally geared towards dad-hood, this does not correlate with being a good dad. No. A good dad is one that simply tries really hard to be a good dad, hence he works hard, hence he perspires. Therefore, all dads are essentially (in essence) equal (capable), with only their sweatiness being the true gauge of their goodness.

What does this theory mean for us dads if it is in fact true? It means that no matter how inadequate you feel, how unskilled you may be, how naturally unfit you are to be a father…you can be great…all it takes is some [hypothetical, maybe] pit sweat. A good dad is one that tries really hard: to love his kids, to play with them when he doesn’t want to, to serve his family when he feels spent, to clean up the messes, to wake up first and make breakfast, to have fake tea parties, to change loads of diapers, to smile when its tough and to be gentle. Good dads do those things, but not because they come naturally, because they are important.

Like all good theories, this one must stand the test of great scrutiny. Let me know what you think about my Sweaty Dad Theory.


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