The Big Move Part 2

The Big Move: Part 2

As many of you know, the Duhamel family is migrating back to the motherland that is Northwest Arkansas. I have been wanting to write something about our move since we decided to but I found myself in a weird place, frozen. I feel like that the overwhelming(ness) of this life change is so big that trying to summarize and express how I really feel about it is like looking at Everest, knowing I want to climb it but not knowing how.

I’m going to try though.

The real difficulty I feel is that I want to somehow commemorate and do justice to Kansas City and the time we have spent here. Our friends, our church and our work have changed us, and my fear is that I could never do a good enough job giving each player enough credit.

But I’m going to try.

I’ll start with our church, Redeemer Fellowship. This place has been home since the first Sunday we spent in KC. We went once and “the search” stopped right then. From that day on it was our church home. It’s tough to summarize the impact that Redeemer has had on our lives because the people at Redeemer have become our family. But the church has showed us how to be satisfied by Jesus to a new level and at a very turbulent time in our lives. I can never be grateful enough for that. The preaching teach, elders, leaders, volunteers and people of Redeemer have shaped my heart in ways I never thought it would. Thank you.

That leads me, to the people of Kansas City, our friends. You know exactly who you are. The ones that are making this decision to move close to impossible. You guys have been our rock, our servants, our friends, our guides, our babysitters ;), our cooks, our comedians and our family while we’ve been here. You have left a permanent mark on my heart (and on Ashli and Piper’s) and we are better humans because of it. We love you. Thank you.

We have had such an incredible time of growth in Kansas City. We came here Newly Weds, 22 and 23 years old. No kids. A future chiropractor and an interior designer with no real adult skills. And we are leaving 26 and 27 years old, one kid, one on the way, a doctor (of physical therapy) and interior designer and with a whole lot of battle scars. This city and this phase of life has taught us how:

  • To laugh when all we should be doing is crying
  • To keep grinding even when it is hard
  • To cast our troubles on our Father and see him answer
  • To value the little things
  • To value the important things
  • To live simply
  • To rest
  • To put others (especially a little one) before ourselves
  • To work hard
  • To be ok with the mess of life
  • To dream big
  • To be content

and how to:

  • BBQ
  • Cheer for a baseball team
  • Buy a car
  • Sell a car
  • Break a car
  • Buy another car
  • Discipline a cat (for crapping on our bed)
  • Wash a million dishes by hand
  • Take 2 minute showers, before the hot water runs out
  • Make and drink good coffee
  • Do a bunch of other stuff this list can’t handle

Our time here has been incredible. We love this place, but the Lord calls his people to new things and new places sometimes and when he does, we listen. We won’t forget this place, our friends or the things we’ve learned. We will go, being “sent out” from this place to serve and root in a familiar place as new people. Thank you.


Also we are going to try and convince all of you to come with us 🙂


The Arkansan

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