Top 5 Changes: 2 kids vs. 1

The most common question I’ve been asked since Hudson, our second kiddo, was born has been something along the lines of “What has been the biggest change,” or “How is it different with 2 kids vs. 1?” I honestly haven’t had the time or awareness to really stop and think about how things have changed, so I usually say “ummm, its a little louder,” or something along those lines. But these questions are good ones. Questions that every parent of 1 kid, thinking about having more, wants to hear the answer to. So here we go.

The Top 5 Changes (from Dad’s perspective at least):

1. All hands are on deck.

When you have 1 kid, there is downtime when that kid is napping. That’s not a thing anymore. When 1 is sleeping usually the other is up… all hands are on deck now. When they are both up, at least 4 hands are needed to keep both of them alive and happy.

2. A completely quiet house is very rare

When you have 1 kid the majority of the day is basically quiet time, at least at the beginning. Babies sleep all the time and when they are asleep you can sleep. This is not a thing anymore unless the stars align.

3. Piper (the older kiddo) is Dad’s primary job now

Since Hudson was born I have had the privilege of spending a LOT more time with Piper. Infants need their mom’s all the time…to keep the toddler from losing her nuggets from lack of Mom’s attention at her will Dad steps in. I have taken Piper swimming, to parks, on dates, on walks, and on bike rides countless times since Hudson came to town and it’s great.

4. Baby 2 is easier than baby one (in our situation)

This one is funny actually. I drafted the list of 5 things about 3 weeks ago and I just recently had the time to fill all of them out. This one has changed since then. At first, Hudson was much easier than Piper because we had done it all before, we knew what breastfeeding was about, we knew what to expect with sleeping (or not sleeping), we knew how to change diapers, etc. BUT since then Hudson has been really fussy and at this point it’s easy to say that he has been harder than Piper was. Sorry for the misinformation…just because “you’ve seen it before” doesn’t mean it will be easier.

5. There’s poop everywhere

So much poop. All the time. This is expected from the newborn, but the big surprise, the darkhorse in the poop-race is the toddler, Piper Marie. Before Hudson was born Piper was about 75% potty-trained. She was into it, all about the big girl potty, she wasn’t requiring a diaper…it was great. Then Hudson came and we have had a great recession. There has been pooping in the car, in the tub, on shirts, on pants, blankets…lots of things really. It’s been a poop journey and I feel like it won’t end soon.


It’s 5x crazier with 2 kids but 10x more fun…I don’t want this to be a “well everything is terrible BUT it’s all worth it,” type of thing..that annoys me. I always wonder if those people are ok… What I want this to be is a real look into the circus that is the Duhamel household. It’s way crazier now but we laugh more and moments like below really are indescribably wonderful.


2 Replies to “Top 5 Changes: 2 kids vs. 1”

  1. Haha this is awesome. It’s also harder to focus on your spouse, so take a few minutes to think about what y’all need as a couple, and drop those sweet babies off at our house for a few hours.


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