Paging Doctor…Duhamel?

It is finished.

I graduated for the 3rd time yesterday in my 22 year career as a student. Let that sink in…22 years (of 26) or 84.6% for all you nerds that were already trying to do the math. That’s a long time. That’s a lot of tests. Scantrons. Pencils (with the additional eraser for good measure).

Standing on the mountaintop that is the day after my Final graduation ever, I get a little nostalgic and reflection seems unavoidable. The first and foremost feeling I have is sheer gratitude…maybe that’s all this post will end up being, we’ll see.


I’m grateful for so much at this moment of my life. Not only does graduating from physical therapy school mark the end of a long academic journey, it more importantly ends (hopefully :)) a long journey of sacrifice, struggle and hardship. It hasn’t all been hard, that’s for sure, but it has been harder than I thought it would be, on myself but also on all my supporting cast. Ashli Marie has been a precious and wonderful person to me through the whole journey of extreme highs and extreme lows. Carrying burdens for me that a girl should never have to, being the best damn mom on the planet and basically being the off-screen version of Joanna Gaines. She has been a rock, anchor, joy and warrior through all my shenanigans. I hope that this next chapter of our life can be marked by me carrying all the burdens she has had, and unloading her to a life that she deserves.


I’m grateful for new beginnings and passion for a career that I will be able to truly change people’s lives.

I’m grateful for my friends I’ve made along the way that have made the journey sweet.

I’m grateful for my family for doing whatever it took to serve us.

I’m grateful for our future.


Today, while I look back from the mountaintop, I also look forward and see a wonderful journey ahead.



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