Piper Marie Turns 2

So our precious, perfect, amazing little girl turned 2 only 3 days after her baby brother made his entrance into this world. I felt bad at first since mommy was just getting home from the hospital, and tending to her own diapers… so we didn’t have much of a birthday celebration for her.

(sidenote: holy nemo. I’m currently sitting next to our fish tank and I’m about to pass out it’s so raunchy. I may attempt to change the water tomorrow… and test Nemo’s ability to swim upstream a flushing toilet. It’s time).

Turns out. I shouldn’t have felt bad for Pipes because we actually ended up celebrating her birthday for a month straight. Random gift purchases, people bringing cupcakes over, us singing Happy Birthday to her at least once a day… and her demanding we stick candles in everything she ate. She had quite the “turning two” celebration.

I snapped some photos of her in our favorite coffee shop a few days after her birthday. She’s absolutely perfect.

IMG_0440IMG_0496IMG_0358 IMG_0486Piper-Mommy and daddy love the crap out of you. You make us smile and laugh and sometimes scream and want to throw things, and we are so dang thankful we get to be your parents forever.

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