Are you tired too?

We are all a little tired. I’m currently tired writing this actually…long crazy day and I’m essentially waiting for this great Nyquil tea stuff we have to kick in because I’m still battling some residual sickness.

Let’s see how far I can get without falling asleep, you in?

There is a really helpful scale in the physical therapy/ fitness world called the RPE scale, which stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. This is scale is, as its name implies, a scale that lets you (or a patient) rate how hard it feels like they are working on a scale from 0 (no work) to 10 (max effort). There are plenty of other ways to measure how hard a person is exerting themselves, all of which measure the amount of work you do and/or your biological response to that work BUT the RPE scale is extra handy. The RPE doesn’t give a rip about anything other than how you FEEL, not how you biologically ARE. 

But (I’ll get to the point of all this PT stuff soon, hang in there…Nyquil is kicking in), there is something profound about monitoring how we feel regardless of our performance, output, endurance, strength, etc. Not just in the medical field, but in life.

In life I think that the real metric that matters to your well-being or lack-thereof (insert tiredness, weariness, etc.) is not how hard you are “running”, but how hard you feel like you are “running.” 

There are plenty of people in the world who do 10,000 times more than me in any given week and they are joyfully going about their day feeling refreshed and recharged doing it. They have a low RPE, call it 2. Then there’s me on the other hand. I will work a full day doing work I absolutely love, come home (which isn’t a far drive) to a beautiful family, make dinner and/ or clean up dishes, play and get the kiddos to bed. But my RPE is different, after work I’m at probably a 5/10, if I get home and both children are freaking out automatic 2 point increase, add in a toddler trying to play in the car instead of eating dinner, a baby who is just loving his new scream and maybe some dog pee in a closet somewhere and I’m buzzing around a 9/10 by the time the day is over. Did I do more than the other guy that day…for sure not. Did it feel like a near max effort…ya…it did.

So what’s my point?

I have come to the realization that how “exerted” I feel and how much I accomplish during the day have a very poor correlation. I have found that my perception and perspective of my day/week/season of life has a far greater impact on how I “tolerate the day’s loads”.

That brings me to the intervention.

If the problem is a perspective problem, I need to change my perspective. The only way I know how to do that is get in the book, the bible, that is. Last week I didn’t even have time to read so I listened to Romans 8 on my phone on the way to work and Romans 8:1 was enough to shift my perspective completely that day. It says this:

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 

I actually stopped listening and rewound to listen to the same verse 4 or 5 times. I just let it sink into my brain. It reminded me of who I was, where I am and where I am going or better said… it gave me perspective.

My “urgent” things of the day felt less urgent and the truly important things actually revealed themselves to be important.

I think we should start looking at our lives, especially the season of life we are in right now on the RPE scale and not the how much stuff did I get done today scale.

And treat perception problems with new perspectives.


Nyquil is working, see you later.

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