2 Reasons Why I Gave Up My Career

Ashli Duhamel Hi Res
Growing up I always told my dad I wanted to work at McDonalds, and maybe deep down that’s still true. Can you imagine the lack of emails to answer, the smile on people’s faces when you hand them 10 pounds of hot goodness, or the unending flow of perfectly chilled Dr. Pepper… ahhh that would be lovely.

Somewhere between my innocent “everything is a lovely rainbow” child days and now, I decided to be an interior designer. Not just a “here are some cute pillows” designer… I’m talking high pace, 5,000 emails a day, traveling like a nut-so, 100,000 square feet of new-build project madness interior designer. I landed my dream job out of college in Kansas City so Zack and I loaded up all 10 things we owned, and started a wonderful adventure. I was able to work for some amazing clients on some extremely BA projects, with some of the most talented designers out there.

3 jobs and 5 years later, I’ve decided to stay at home with my 2 kiddos.

I still get a pit in my stomach when I say those words. It seems like everything I worked so hard for in my design career I just crumbled up, spit on it, and flushed it down the toilet (along with some Piper turds that I picked up off of her floor today). Just being 100% honest. I’ve had a billion people tell me, “you’re not giving up your career, your just putting it on hold” and maybe that’s true, but just doesn’t feel that way right now. I miss talking to adults, drinking mediocre office coffee all day, and running around like a mad woman to find finishes and answer emails. I miss collaborating with fellow designers. I miss the absolutely wonderful firm I worked for. I miss getting dressed up, putting deodorant on, and brushing my teeth (those don’t happen as often as you think when you’re home with your kiddos).

But all of those things do not compare to the way I feel when my 2 year old daughter wraps her tiny squishy arm around me while we lay in her floor reading books, playing pretend, and laughing our butts off at Huddy because he farts all. the. time.

If there’s one thing all humans can agree on, it’s that this world is not as it’s supposed to be. We all have an innate desire to make it a better place.. to fix things, to feel good about ourselves or to feel happy and healthy. We want to “make an impact” or create positive change. We strongly desire to understand “love” and what it looks like to truly love your neighbor.

When you become a parent, you have no greater opportunity to make a difference on this world and for God’s kingdom than investing in your precious children. Loving them, teaching and guiding them, showing them to be kind. and smart. and beautiful. Allowing them to be creative, and use their imagination. Helping them to understand life, and struggles, and reality. Celebrating with them, singing with them, laughing with them.

There are 2 huge reasons why I quit my job. One’s name is Piper Marie, and the other is Hudson Scott. One’s 2 and the other is 3 months old. They make my heart full and they are worth every sacrifice I will ever have to make for them. I would lay down my life for them.

2 Replies to “2 Reasons Why I Gave Up My Career”

  1. That is awesome for you to say and you show such a commitment to it in your words. God will bless your life changing decision.


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