Why Most SAHM Businesses Fail

You’re bored. I GET IT. You’ve sung your ABC’s, done a puzzle… Or 20… Colored inside the lines, and out.. Ate lots of dry snacks, and now your child is sleeping. You’re wheels can’t stop turning.

You think to yourself: 

“Maybe I’ll start a parenting blog or maybe a cute etsy shop? Maybe I’ll write a witty mom book or start a little photography business on the side to make a little extra cash!” 


You aren’t as creative as you think you’re being, in fact, your idea is probably not creative at all because some other crazy, exhausted stay-at-home mom has already thought of it, tried it, and failed miserably. 

Get some sleep. Phone a friend. Ask your spouse. Drink some coffee and keep on coloring that damn Dora the explorer coloring book. 

A good business idea is like a good tattoo..if you ever find yourself wanting a tattoo, write down what you want and where you want it then stash it away for a year. After a year, if you still want it, go for it. 

Once you’re well rested and thinking clearly, write your idea down. Think on it, sit on it, and chat with people you trust about it… People that love you and are honest with you. //IM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR 2 YEAR OLD//

Zack and I learned these lessons the hard way when we launched a  business with a ton of potential. It had a rough start and we found ourselves tired and exhausted with little fight to keep promoting. We had multiple competitors, were running out of resources (MONEY) and quite honestly, we just weren’t that passionate about it. 

If you still don’t trust me and absolutely think you’re idea is duh-bomb, ask yourself these 3 things:

1. Is there a NEED for this type of business (is it unique, in demand, etc)?

2. Do I have the resources to launch and sustain this idea?

3. Is this something I’m truly passionate about? 

There is a 1/100 chance the answer to those questions is “YES” and if so, you MIGHT.. Just MIGHT have a good idea.

But probably not. 

With all my love… Ashli 

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