Hammer Farmhouse Week 1: The Offer

Moms do crazy shit when they’re nursing in the middle of the night… Trust me. I’ve heard some absolutely hilarious stories. Like my friend Leslie who woke her husband up asking him to take the baby…thinking she was holding her baby… But the baby was fast asleep in the bassinet. Her husband immediately starting freaking out looking everywhere for the baby thinking she’d put him somewhere and forgotten… Until he realized she was 99.9% asleep and somehow pretending to be taking care of her child. 

Me, on the other hand, decided to click the tiny blue “Zillow” app at 3 am… And in a fuzzy haze saw a tiny red dot in the middle of nowhere. Of course I clicked on it then BOOM. 1920’s farmhouse on 1.4 acres with an 1100 SF metal building, front porch, back porch and even a spring-fed creek running through the property. 

In that moment, I knew we were totally Effed. I mean, I can’t just UNsee this now? I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Pretty sure I pinned 788 pins of farmhouse interiors in 3 hours. I jumped out of bed at 6 am to ask Zack if we could buy it but he had already left for the morning. 

I’ll spare some of the details but by 10:30 am, I was meeting a realtor at the house… Tape measure in hand. 

By 2:00 we had put an offer in on the house (which for those of you that were completely shocked to find out I bought a home without Zack ever seeing it… He DID have to sign the offer). 

We knew there were multiple offers and gave the seller until 7:30 pm to respond. At 7:34… Nothing. I sent our realtor the “probably didn’t get it” text then he immediately asked if Zack and I could talk. We called him and to our surprise, THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER! 

Wish I could say it’s been rainbows and a fairytale ever since, but it hasn’t. I’ve spent many hours out there with our realtor coming up with design plans, having someone inspect our septic tank, and trying to convince contractors that this would be a kick A Project to work on! 

If you’ve never gone through this process, the loan situation is pretty confusing. I’ll post in more detail later for those of you interested but essentially we have 10 business days to get financing BUT In order to get financing, we have to have a construction estimate from a contractor. Doesn’t seem too hard but with a 100 year old home, there are so many unknowns and contractors are scared shitless to say a number. At all!

Thankfully, we found a contractor that wants to help!! We meet with him Tueaday to walk through the house! Can’t wait to share more of our journey!! 

Raising our children on land in a small farmhouse is a life-long dream of mine. The fact that my dream is coming true at age 27 is absolutely unbelievable! I’m SO thankful for a husband who supports my crazy adventures 100%. 

Can’t wait to share all our design ideas, bumps in the road, successes and failures with all of you!! 

Stay tuned.

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