Hammer Farmhouse Week 8: It’s Happening


I’ve had so many people hesitantly ask… “so, is the house still a thing?” and my answer has been… as far as I know, maybe?

This entire process has been a huge waiting game. Waiting on this to get signed, waiting on the contractor to submit bids, waiting on the appraiser… still waiting on the appraiser… ok, where the EFF is the appraiser?

FINALLY today we got the appraiser’s report. The big hoopla with the appraisal is pretty much this: the bank doesn’t want to loan you more money than the house is/will be worth. So with a decrepit 100 year old 3 bedroom ONE bath farmhouse, we had no idea what the appraisal would come in as… but we DID know how much money it was going to take to get into this sucker. THANKFULLY those 2 numbers were EXTREMELY close (only off by a few hundred dollars)! woohoo.

SO I’m freaking ecstatic to FINALLY SAY we are closing on the house next week!!! Everything is signed and ready to go! I can hardly believe it. Honestly, I’m scared shitless (Dear WordPress, “shitless” is a word… stop giving me the red squiggly lines). Like-what are we thinking?

If you can’t tell already, Zack and I may be 2 of the LEAST conventional people you will ever meet. If you give us a cleared path to walk down through the woods, I promise you we will take 2 steps down the path then immediately jump off that boring, predictable thing. Before you know it, we’ve climbed up and down 10 trees and probably trampled through a creek or 2… but I promise you… the path we’ve taken is MUCH more exciting than that cleared path we left long ago. Our life together is such an adventure. We are 2 risk takers that like to do extremely spontaneous things, while keeping all of our lovely family members on the verge of heart attacks.

I cannot WAIT to start sharing all the design ideas I have in my head. Holy cow.





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