Confessions Of a WannaBe Blogger

To be 100% honest, I have failed to update the blog since… October… simply because, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to blogging.

Apparently if you want a fancy site (which we had?) you have to have a host (which we had?) and you have to pay them lots of money to do absolutely nothing (which we forgot to do). And if you don’t continue to pay them lots of money, they send you a thousand emails threatening to delete your site (which I never got, since I “spammed” their emails immediately after giving them all my money in the beginning).

And they weren’t lying either. They deleted that sucker faster than I could type “No, please don’t. I’ll give you all my money” on their “talk with a real human” chat thing.

Anyways, all that to say, our lovely (paid for) HammerandHart site was deemed “un-savable” … even by the geeky tech guy from I spent an hour all-caps yelling at him over the chat, only to realize, I’m pretty sure he was a computer. So I gave up and Zack made me a semi-free (nothing’s free) website!! And voila – God rebuked (am I using that phrase correctly?) the crappy hosting site and ALL OF OUR POSTS MAGICALLY SHOWED UP. not kidding.


To catch everyone up to speed. We bought the farmhouse and renovated it. It turned out lovely, modern, and white… And now it looks super boring and empty because we don’t have money to “style” it… YET. I’ll keep you posted.

I started my own interior design company and have designed a 3-story Georgian renovation and a new-build, coastal modern row-house downtown Bentonville! I have more things in the pipeline and I can’t wait to start sharing the projects with you! I’M LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. Seriously.

(ps- I told Piper I worked at Chick-Fil-A because technically… I usually do… and she thinks I am the COOLEST.MOM.EVER. #WINNING)

Side note – I went to Waco (should we just call it “Magnolia Mecca” at this point?) a few weeks ago and was so inspired by such a neat place. Not necessarily the place itself… but how many people were there. And also by Joanna’s story. At one point, she walked away from it all to spend more time with her kiddos (I know the feeling) and she waited patiently in that season to see what would be next. Slowly,  things came about… one opportunity after the other. She and Chip didn’t force it or have insane goals of building an empire, God simply established the work of their hands, in His own time. (Psalm 90:17) I’m praying the same for Zack and I in this season of life… with littles who we want more than anything to spend time with… and dreams that we want more than anything to pursue!

Oh-and Zack… he’s still PT’ing at Premiere and working out. Whatever that is.






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