Hammer Farmhouse: Construction Pics

Somewhere between birthing a second child, buying a dilapidated farmhouse, quitting my job, doing design work on the side, and moving, I forgot to actually post about our farmhouse renovation! I have had so many people reach out to me, interested in the process, and I’m HOPING that through our journey, more people feel encouraged to pursue the lifestyle they dream about for their family… despite what seems “realistic.”

//sidenote: we have a kitten that pulled like 4 keys off the keyboard on my laptop… and I cant figure out how to fix them… so just get over improper spelling or punctuation. Its a blog people//

Ok to catch everyone up to speed… Here are the previous posts on the house. Lots of good before and demo pics so check them out FIRST.




The entire construction process took less than 3 months. We had to completely re-wire, re-plumb, and pretty much tore out every wall, ceiling, and floor surface. The house is 1,100 SF total (just to give you an idea). Here are a few before (when we bought the house) and during construction photos! ENJOY!!!

ABOVE | Brick fireplace before (when purchased)… fugly. BUT we salvaged all the brick and built a cool fire pit in our backyard!
ABOVE | dining room before
ABOVE | dining room/fireplace during construction; drop ceilings + existing fireplace were demo’d and wood ceiling was exposed above
ABOVE | Piper’s room when purchased
ABOVE | Piper’s room after demo/framing + getting gyp; wood ceilings were exposed during demo.
ABOVE | Hudson’s nursery when purchased (originally a porch)
ABOVE | Hudson’s room during construction. The framed out portion on left was a closet we added that opens into Piper’s room
ABOVE | Master bedroom during construction. Found shiplap on every wall!
ABOVE | View to Kitchen when purchased
ABOVE | view to kitchen during construction… completely demolished
ABOVE | Laundry room before (gross)


ABOVE: Laundry room during construction. Note: vaulted ceilings made SUCH A HUGE difference. We also added cabinets on the right for water heater/pantry.
ABOVE | 2 of my 3 cheerleaders who were champs during this process. Came out to the house every weekend to just sit in a cold, disgusting mess so I could think about design decisions.

I plan to show images of the “design plan” in the next post… so stay tuned! It’s so cool to look back at the 3D images I designed, compared to how it actually turned out. Can’t wait to show yall!

Love -AD

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