Modern Day Mom: Who’s To Blame (Part 2)

(Continued from last post here)

As I hung up the phone, Zack looked at me and asked who called. I was careful to respond, knowing he would immediately turn into a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader the moment I told him it was someone needing design help. I just knew he’d hoot and holler and shake his butt at me until I finally took on a design project.

And that’s exactly what he did as I made every excuse to not help Stacy with her home.

I’ve never designed a house before.

Who will watch the kids?

I don’t even have real pants that fit.

When would I ever have time to work?

But I feel like I really need to just “be still” and stay home with our kids.

What if she turns out to be crazy?

No… like REALLY crazy?

And she absolutely was. And for the next 10 months, I helped her renovate every dang square inch of her home from flooring to paint to counter  tops, light fixtures, and everything in between.

Initially I started working at night after the kids went to bed and once I got rolling on the project, I hired a baby sitter who came twice a week. Those were my work days. My me days.  Days I would brush my teeth and get out of the house. I’d take my computer and go work in a coffee shop for a few hours. I’d talk to the adult sitting next to me and show them pictures of my kiddos then I’d put my headphones on and work a little more.

I was convinced that if Joanna Gaines was in fact a real-life human, THIS may possibly be what her days looked like. It was a huge turning point for me as a “stay-at-home” mom. Maybe a silver-lining of sorts.

Life felt very balanced for once. My kids were thriving, my husband was thriving, our home was thriving, and I was thriving.

Then… Emme came.

(To be continued)

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