Modern Day Mom | Why Target’s to Blame


Any other moms out there have a love-hate relationship with Target? If you’ve read my Modern Day Mom series up until now, you know I completely blame both Target and Joanna Gaines for the current movement in motherhood towards:

“I can be an awesome mom, and a successful career-driven woman, and have a beautifully curated Instagram account, and learn to knit… oh, and eat my cake too.”

It’s empowering and frustrating all at the same time. While Jo gives us hope that it’s possible, Target leaves us constantly striving for bigger and better and more, usually resulting in overwhelming discontentment.

We aimlessly browse the aisles of Target in dirty stretchy pants with holes, along with all the other zoned-out mom’s needing a break from staring at the inside walls of our homes. We slow down as we pass the “professional” clothes area of Target, then we accidentally catch a glimpse of the massive posters of women dressed in a sharp blazer, and clean, and skinny, eating cake.

We browse, we buy, we style, we return, we see more, we buy more, we style more, we need more….

It’s a vicious vicious cycle of discontentment with what we have. With what our house looks like and what our wardrobe consists of, and who we are, or who we are not. What we have and what we have not.

And we want to have all the cake, and eat it too.

As a mom, and a professional designer, and a mediocre blogger, and a piss poor knitter, I can attest to the discontentment Target brings. It’s not just Target, it’s almost everything we have at our fingertips. We fill our minds with the lives and “realities” of people around us instead of finding purpose and contentment in the life we, ourselves, are living.

Fellow mom, what’s on your mind today? What’s become the thing you think about the most? Is it worthy of your presence and attention and praise and longing? Is it a new sofa? or a new job? or more money? or more “likes” on the pic you just posted?

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things” Colossians 3:2

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