Why My Kids Won’t Know a “New Normal”

I’m dusting off the old blog to have a place to write my thoughts through such a pivotal, trivial time… especially thoughts on being a woman, mom, business owner, Christ-follower and dreamer. With that being said, I couldn’t even remember where my blog was 😂 WordPress? Wix? How do I log in? Is it on an app? So, I’m happy to say, I FOUND MY OWN BLOG! Wahoo.

Just setting the bar at a healthy level for y’all.

There are so many common phrases that we’ve adopted since COVID, “the new normal” being one of them. I’ve seen a couple of people saying “there shouldn’t be a new normal” while others say “there MUST be a new normal,” and even one post that was talking about how this “has impacted our children and younger generation to change their normal forever.”

and I’m here to say Zack and I have fought vigorously to make sure COVID hasn’t changed our children’s lives, worries, routines, or young, innocent, untainted perspectives! (I should add that our children are ages 2, 4, and 6, so I’m specifically talking about young children).

We’ve intentionally saved serious conversations about it for after they go to bed, we’ve been cautious to say “x, y, z is this way because of COVID” and we have protected OUR minds from things that trigger anxiety and worry IN US.

In the beginning, I was trying to stay informed, while washing dishes, playing with legos, and building fairy houses, and I felt my mind constantly overwhelmed by the 2 extremes. In one world I’m playing with my kiddos who just want to pretend we’re in a marching band, while occasionally pulling up articles on death counts, and conflicting opinions, and stay at home orders and businesses suffering. It was all too much to juggle at once.

and the kids started worrying.

Piper would ask questions like “are we going to get it?” “Why is this what everyone is talking about?” “Why can’t we go to the park?” “Why can’t we see our friends?” “Why can’t I have a birthday party?” And the EASY answer would’ve been “COVID” but we chose not to answer with that.

My children are young. They don’t have the capacity to understand a virus, it’s reach, it’s origin, it’s end, etc. that GROWN adults are having a hard time understanding. As parents, our goal is to show our children that they are loved and taken care of. They don’t need to carry financial burdens or worry about an illness or take on the heaps and loads of the struggles of this life.

So we decided to change our language with the kids. “We are home because we love spending time together.” “Our friends are spending time with their families right now too.” “Let’s go to the park and park the car and watch the sunset from the tailgate”

Instead of saying “no birthday party” or “we’ll do a party later” we threw the kids COVID appropriate gatherings. Hudson had a parking lot party where we had a bubble machine and kicked soccer balls around with 4 friends and for pipers birthday we had a movie night with a group of people less than 10 in a large room, so everyone could spread out and have fun! We also surprised her with a ZOOM birthday call with all of her best friends!

My children won’t know a “new normal.” We’ve treated this just like any other curveball life throws at us. Whether it’s moving to a new house, adding a kid to our family, changing jobs, changing schools, etc. we ADAPT. Our days and routines evolve organically. We encourage them to wash their hands a little more not because of COVID but because it’s a healthy thing to do! We spend more time together as a family because we treasure time together, not because of COVID.

Today is a new day. With new challenges. Every day we form new normals, not because of COVID, but because we are resilient, adaptable, complex beings that are able to grow and change to meet our daily needs!

So today, I choose to play. And I choose to let my children be children.

We have a way of stealing the joy of childhood from them too soon. Let them be little.

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